Who is Marc Birsticer?

Marc Bistricer is a Canada-based talented squash player. He began playing the sport when he was 12. As a tournament competitor, he was fiercely competitive and irresistible since he marched to the music of his own drum and injected excitement into every game. Mark’s go-for-broke attitude has presented a challenge to referees, but they will enjoy watching him play!

Marc Bistricer’s Squash Career

Marc Bistricer became a professional squash player at the age of 19. He competed in the Professional Squash Association (PSA) Tour from 2002 to 2007. For the majority of those 10 years, the talented squash player from Canada was the youngest member of the PSA’s World Tour. In 2007, he was the runner-up in the PSA World Series. In addition to his PSA success, Marc also competed in the Southern Squash League, where he was the champion in three consecutive years.

Ranked among the top 100 in Canada, Marc Bistricer made it to the quarterfinals of both 2014’s National Squash Academy Open and Costa Rica Open de Squash tournaments. In 2017, he won MAA Invitational squash tournament.

The Artist Behind the Squash World

Besides his career as a squash player, Marc enjoys painting in his spare time. As an amateur painter, Marc Bistricer creates abstract artworks. He uses pure color and expressive marks to express himself through visual language. He emits special magic through his work, which is spiritual and moving at the same time.

Marc Bistricer’s Education

He graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada with a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Kinesiology and earned a Master’s Degree in Professional Kinesiology from the same university.