Playing squash is a great way to get in shape, improve your coordination and dump some stress. The game itself is simple: You have to hit a lightweight ball so that it bounces off the wall and returns to you. It takes a lot of balance, flexibility and hand-eye coordination. If you’re new to the sport, you might be wondering what makes squash so popular. The game is actually very easy to pick up and great for all kinds of individuals. In this article, Canada-based squash player Marc Bistricer will share the basics of squash and learn why it’s a great sport to get in shape, lose weight and have fun.

What you need to know before playing squash

Marc Bistricer shares a few basic facts that you should know before starting to play squash. Squash is a racquet sport played on a court. It can be played by two people (singles) or four (doubles). The court is divided into two halves that are separated by a wall. The court is 60 feet long and 10 feet wide. Training for squash is similar to most racquet sports. You’ll need a good level of cardio as well as strength and agility. You should also make sure to get plenty of rest. Performing sports activities while you’re tired can result in injury.

Types of squash

The squash player from Canada, Marc Bistricer, indicates that squash is a racquet sport played on indoor and outdoor courts. The court has a hard floor with walls on both sides. Squash is usually played on a court that measures between 2.5 and 7 meters wide. It can be played with a rubber ball, a Wiffle ball, a squash ball or a ping pong ball. In squash, there are two types of play: racquetball and squash. In racquetball, you hit the ball against a wall. You can use a regular racquet with a length of between 26 and 28 inches or a racquet with a larger head. In squash, the ball is hit against the ceiling instead of the wall.

How to play squash

The basic rules of squash are quite simple. The Canadian squash player Marc Bistricer indicates that the objective of the game is to hit a ball with a racquet so that it bounces off the wall and back to you. You can also hit the ball against the ceiling or floor to get it to bounce off the wall. You can also use a wall as a target. When you play squash, you’ll have to be focused on your opponents and the ball. You have to keep your eye on it at all times, so that you can move if necessary to avoid your opponent. You also have to keep track of where the ball is and make sure that it bounces back to you.


When you play squash, you have to be focused at all times and keep your eye on the ball. You have to make sure that the ball bounces off the wall and comes back to you. Marc Bistricer shares that the game is easy to learn and it’s great for all types of individuals, who want to get in shape, and improve their coordination and hand-eye coordination. Squash is a great sport for building strength, speed, and power. It’s also great for your coordination, agility, and hand-eye coordination so that you can focus on hitting the ball with your racquet and keeping your eye on the ball at all times.

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